We kindly request you to fill-up and forward us our questionnaire taking part in the process of of our company obtaining ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate and wish you good work.
1-How do you classify your getting answers to your questions on the legislations and their operation?
2-How do you classify the time period elapsed between getting the documents and delivery of the goods?

3-Are your goods being delivered in good condition and without shortage?
4-Are you pleased with the communications between you and our customer representatives?

5-Do you receive the invoices covering Customs Consultancy Services on a timely manner?
6- Have you met any problem concerning our Customs Consultancy services?

7-Will you recommend TGM Customs Consultancy Co. Ltd to your friends?

8-Müşteri temsilcisi veya yöneticimize kolay ulaşılabiliyor mu?

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